The Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation (MAAF)

MAAF’s Programs

Visitation Program

Experienced amputees provide for the success of the Program because they can best relate to the problems associated with the loss of a limb. Visits may be conducted with patients before surgery as well as with new and long-time amputees when there is a need for support. Questions can be answered by our Visitor Coordinator, who can be contacted at our 24-hour answering service, toll free: 1-310-540-3921.

All visits to patients are done only when requested or sanctioned by the patients and/or their families.

Educational and Activity Program

Regularly scheduled meetings are focused around presentations by professionals in the medical field, physical therapists, pharmacists, mobility specialists, and a wide variety of other speakers on topics of interest. Discussion and social interaction time is planned as well, and lunch is provided at each meeting.

Peer Visitor Training Program

MAAF Peer Visitors have completed visitation training program seminars conducted by experienced social workers, psychologists, nurses, physicians, and others, many of whom are amputees themselves. Many of our Peer Visitors also have attended the formal training course sponsored by the Amputee Coalition, our national partner.

Advocacy Program

MAAF leaders and members represent the amputee community on important advocacy issues for the protection of amputee rights and benefits.

National Affiliation

MAAF is affiliated with the Amputee Coalition (AC), the National Limb Loss Information Center and AMPOWER (Amputee Support Group And Resource Center). These organizations provide resources in both English and Spanish, and conduct an annual national convention to help educate and empower amputees. Contact ACA at 888-AMP-KNOW (267-5669) for free educational materials and individual membership information.


How to contact MAAF: Mail - P.O.  Box 90261, Los Angeles, CA 90009; Toll free 24-hour answering service - 310-540-3921