The Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation (MAAF)

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About MAAF: The Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation

The Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation was established in 1973 as a not-for-profit association devoted to providing peer-level support and understanding to individuals with limb loss, whether through trauma, surgery, or from birth.

MAAF's aim is to help alleviate fears and anxieties associated with amputation surgery and to provide encouragement as the new amputee resumes an active and productive life. On an ongoing basis, MAAF looks to provide social, educational, and networking services to long-time amputees.

MAAF is a member of the national Amputee Coalition(AC).

MAAF Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mark your calendar for a MAAF meeting in Cal State Northridge, June 23, 2018

Flyer will be posted soon.

How Does MAAF Help?

MAAF provides a visitation service where trained volunteers visit and interact with new amputees; conducts regularly scheduled interactive education and discussion meetings for members and caretakers; sponsors sports and other activities for the "active" member; and provides for the welfare of the amputee community.

As in the past, our luncheon gatherings feature Prosthetists and professions in the Prosthetics and Orthotics field. A formal announcement flyer which you can hang in offices, give to friends, etc., will be out next week! Contact Phil Tamoush, President of MAAF at 310-540-3921 for more information.

For Information about our Peer Visitor Program For New Amputees. Contact MAAF AT 1-310-540-3921 or

How to contact MAAF: Mail - P.O.  Box 90261, Los Angeles, CA 90009; Toll free 24-hour answering service - 310-540-3921